Friday, March 6th

11:00am–12:20 PM   Registration

12:20–12:30 PM Opening Remarks/Announcements (2 VOX)

12:30–1:30 PM Paper Session 1:
Protest and Identity in China (2 VOX)

“Protest, Identity, and Digital Media in ‘Glory to Hong Kong’”
Lindsay Watkins, University of Florida

“Piano Is Chinese”
Minato Sakamoto, Duke University

1:30–3:00 PM Paper Session 2:
Improvisation and Transcription (2 VOX)

“‘Non multa, sed multum’: Interrogating the Modernist Aphoristic Aesthetic”
Anna Rose Nelson, University of Michigan

“Enhancing Music Education by Connecting Improvisation and Composition”
Jakub Rojek, University of Arizona

“Cyborg Sounds: Gonzalo Rubalcaba’s New Cuban Popular Music”
Felipe Guz Tinoco, Washington University in St. Louis

3:15-4:45 pm Paper Session 3:
Musical Lives in Books, Games, and on the Stage (2 VOX)

“Opening Theme as Narrative in ‘Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater’”
Marcos Acevedo-Arús, Temple University

“Jane Austen and Thorough-Bass”
Nicole Peter, University of Iowa

“‘I’d Rather Pretend I’m Something Better than these Broken Parts’: Compulsory Able-
Bodiedness in Dear Evan Hansen
Andrew Tubbs, Washington University in St. Louis

6:30–8:00 pm CENTER FOR NEW MUSIC:
Composers’ Concert* (Concert Hall)

Brunetto by Baldwin Giang

Quiet Whirlpool by Zhengtong Xu

Ripples in Infinity by Daniel Whitworth

Quarrel by YoungJun Lee

Leidenfrost: More Than A Cold Shoulder by Matt Mason

*For program notes, composer bios, and more, please visit the CNM webpage.

8:00–9:30 pm Post-Concert Reception
(Pearl West Commons, fl. 2)

Saturday, March 7th

10:00–11:30 am Paper Session 4:
Music in the Margins of North America (2 VOX)

“Lofty Goals and Lucky Breaks: Wind Quintet Transcriptions and the Formation of Canon”
Sylvie Tran, University of Michigan

“Establishing a Transnational Jazz Scene in the Windsor-Detroit Borderlands”
Austin Di Pietro, Wayne State University

“Singing for Suffrage: The Compositions of J.H. DeVoe”
Alexis Tuttle, University of Iowa

11:30–1:00 pm Paper Session 5:
Gender and Identity in Music and Media (2 VOX)

“Death on the Road: Music and the Deaths of Women in the Mad Max Film Franchise”
Lisa Mumme, Washington University in St. Louis

“Surprising, New Emotions: Female Narrative in Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth
Kelly Cole, Bowling Green State University

“Gone Phishin’: Masculinity Politics in the Culture of Phish”
Daniel Backfish-White, Butler University

3:00–4:30 pm Composer Forum (2 VOX)

5:00–6:15 pm Keynote Address (Recital Hall)

“Engaging Opera as Popular Culture and Social Justice”
Dr. Naomi André, University of Michigan

Sponsored by the University of Iowa Graduate College, Opera Studies Forum, and Musicology/Music Theory/Ethnomusicology Colloquium

6:30 PM Closing reception and dinner for participants
(2520 UCC, located in University Capitol Center,
201 S. Clinton St.)

These events were brought to you by our organizing committees, which are comprised of graduate students from the music studies and composition departments at the University of Iowa School of Music!

Program Committee:
Ryne Carlson (committee chair) – Music Theory
Dr. Hang Nguyen – Musicology/Library Science
Arthur Scoleri – Musicology
Alexis Tuttle – Musicology
Monica Yost – Musicology/Library Science

Concert Committee (SCI – University of Iowa Chapter):
Zachery Meier (President)
Ramin Roshandel (Vice President)
Wenxin Li (Secretary)
Mark Rheaume (Treasurer)